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Looking for: Singapore $100 with two triangles. Please contact me if you have any spares. Thanks

Malaysia - 1 Ringgit 2000 3-Uncut Sheet

One Ringgit, ND2000 P39bReverse
Note: 30,000 sheets issued. First release date 8.11.2000.


  1. Hi paperbanknotes,
    What is the best way to keep these type of notes?
    They seem to take up alot of space.

  2. WhyCollect,

    I have no problem in storing these 3 or 4 Uncut sheets. Just get one of those Lighthouse Vario sleeves (made in Germany) to store them. You can get those from any numismatic dealers or shops. Anything larger than the 2, 3 or 4-Uncut sheets, in most cases you will find them issued in a tube for storage. Collecting uncut sheets can be fun but you may have a problem with foxing if you do not store them in a cool and dry environment. As foxing is very common in a humid environment, the value of the notes will depreciate significantly should this happen. Luckily I do not have such problem over here. To me, the best way to store any banknotes collection would be in an air-conditioned room. Not many people can afford that, so the next best place would be your office, but is it safe there? One general rule is that never view your precious collections on a rainy day for obvious reason. Some people would also suggest that you wrap your banknotes album with used newspaper (which will absorb surround moisture) but this can be messy due to the ink from the prints. If you want to avoid all these hassles, then your other choice is to collect polymer banknotes only.

  3. hi,
    down here where i lived, foxing is one big problem. i have no choice but to find an a/condition safe deposit box facility. i learnt the hard way as i see some of my collections foxing away....it breaks my heart to see them like that...

  4. Hi Chua

    I will not enjoy this hobby if this is happening to me, unless I am totally concentrating on polymer notes only. Even in a hot and humid environment, this can cause the polymer notes go wavy too.