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Looking for: Singapore $100 with two triangles. Please contact me if you have any spares. Thanks

Vietnam - 2011 Reprints

Fifty Thousand Dong
ND2011 PNL
One Hundred Thousand Dong
ND2011 PNL
Two Hundred Thousand Dong
ND2011 PNL
Five Hundred Thousand Dong
ND2011 PNL

Singapore - $5 Uncut Sheet of 3 Polymer, s. Tharma Shanugaratnan

Uncut sheet of 3, with 500 sheets printed. Not rare. This single note was first reported in 2013.

Five Dollars (two triangles symbol)
ND2013, P47c

Thailand - 500 Baht 2016 Queen Sirikit 7th Cycle Birthday

Another commemorative note issued to celebrate Queen Sirikit's 7th Cycle Birthday. One cycle comprises of 12 years and this note is the celebration of the Queen's 84th Birthday. Actual birthday is on the of 12th August (also a public holiday in Thailand) and this note was issued to the public on 11.08.2016. In total, 20 million pieces issued. Plenty available.

Five Hundred Baht
ND2016, PNL

Indonesia - 2016 National Heroes New Series AAA Prefixes

This new series of notes, all dated 2016 were released to the public for circulation on 19.12.2016. The theme for this new series is Indonesia National Heroes Series. Each note depicts a national hero on the front, with two for the 100,000 Rupiah denomination. On the back, the designs are national parks and native dancers. It is interesting that they are not replacing the 1000 rupiah entirely given that coin for such value was previously minted for circulations. The full set posted here are all printed with first prefix of AAA.

The signatures on the notes are:
Finance Minister: Sri Mulyani Indrawati
Governor: Agus Dermawan Wintarto Martowadojo

One Thousand Rupiah
Dated 2016, P154a
Front: Cut Nyak Meutia aka Tjut Meutia (1870-1910). Native of Aced, anti colonialism against the Dutch.
Back: Banda Neira, Tari Tifa
Two Thousand Rupiah
Dated 2016, P155a
Front: Mohammad Hoesni Thamrin (1894-1941). Politician.
Back: Ngaral Sianok, Tari Piring
Five Thousand Rupiah
Dated 2016, P156a
Front: Dr KH Idaham Chalid (1921-2010). Politician and Cabinet Minister.
Back: Gunung Brom, Tari Gambyong
Ten Thousand Rupiah
Dated 2016, P157a
Front: Frans Kaisepo (1921-1979). Governor of Papua.
Back: Taman Nasional Waketobi, Tari Pakarena

Twenty Thousand Rupiah
Dated 2016, P158a
Front: Sam Ratulangi (Dr. Gerungan Saul Samuel Jozias Ratulangi or Ratu Langie 1890-1949). First Governor of Sulawesi.
Back: Derewan, Tari Gong
Fifty Thousand Rupiah
Dated 2016, P159a
Front: K Djuanda Kartawidjaja (1911-1963). First Prime Minister of Indonesia.
Back: Taman Nasional Komoda, Tari Legong

One Hundred Thousand Rupiah
Dated 2016, P160a
Front: Soekarno (1901-1970). President of Indonesia & Mohammad Hatta (1902-1980). First Vice President of Indonesia.
Back: Raja Ampat, Tari Topeng Betawi